Our Gatsbylady Glitz dress dazzles on the cover of Hello! magazine

In the pages of Hello! magazine and in the arms of Strictly Come Dancing‘s Mark Wright, needless to say we were a little jealous of our Gatsbylady Glitz Gold Fringe Flapper Dress. However we have to admit it did look gorgeous on Mark’s dance partner Karen Hauer, who showed off the slinky movement of the Glitz fringe dress to perfection.

With its intricate detailing and gold fringed hemline, it encompasses vintage 1920s glamour and is guaranteed to create a lasting impression, just like Karen has done. Because of this and number of other media attractions – this dress has been completely sold out and taken off from production. But due to high demand and numerous emailed requests – the designer has agreed with the production team in the UK to re-produce the Glitz Dress in Black Gold for the third time now. We are expecting stock to be ready by Easter 2017. The Glitz dress is also available in Black – please click here to view the dress.

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Pink Petal by Laura Jane Atelier

March 16, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 18.06.01





Charlotte 1920s Vintage Cape Dress c/o Gatsbylady 

This my second dress from Gatsbylady based out of London, England. Tomorrow I will be posting my final look of vintage glam from Gatsbylady. I absolutely adore this dress because of the beautiful cape detail and delicate embroidery. It has a subtle 1920s vibe to it but when I am wearing it I don’t feel like a full blown flapper and could see myself wearing this dress to a wedding or even afternoon tea at The Empress. It has a wonderful fit to it and almost feels like a work of art. I have it displayed on my dress form in my office right now so I can enjoy its beauty and sketch it for todays blog post.







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Field of Yellow by Laura Jane Atelier

March 17, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 16.53.40




Art Deco 1920s Vintage inspired flapper dress c/o Gatsbylady  – Charleston headband c/o Gatsbylady

This is my final look of the week from the amazing Gatsbylady. I am so in love with this dress mainly because of the beautiful blush pink colour and all of the subtle and feminine details like the sleeves and scalloped hemline. I was debating where I would photograph this dress because of its unique look but I am now happy that I decided to photograph this one in a field of Daffodils at dusk. The yellow covered fields only last for a few weeks out of the year and they are absolutely breathtaking. Before I started blogging I never used to pay attention to the beautiful lighting at dusk or the small details from day to day life.




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Gatsby Lady by Laura Jane Atelier

March 15, 2016Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 13.02.36




gatsby10-640x9601920s Vintage Inspired Flapper Dress c/o Gatsbylady  – Vintage inspired 1920s Headband c/o Gatsbylady 

I am so excited to share with you the three vintage inspired 1920s flapper dresses I recently received from Gatsbylady. I will be revealing the other two dresses throughout this week so stay tuned. This red flapper dress is inspired by the 1920s Vintage Era and hand crafted with the finest glass beads and sequins. This dress is super comfortable to wear and not very heavy due to the soft lining and flexible fabric. I was expecting a heavy dress that would be hard to move in but this dress fits like a dream and you can easily slip it over your head because it doesn’t have a side zipper. Now I really want to go to a 1920s themed party to show off all of my new dresses. I feel like lady Mary in Downton Abbey in this flashy number.gatsby5-640x960



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FLAPPER DAPPER IN NAPIER by Kayla Gracefully Vintage



Sharing a little more from my trip to Napier in January and another fabulous dress by 1920’s reproduction brand, Gatsbylady.

Gloves – Vintage
Shoes – Op-shop find in Napier
Continuing on with my posts from Napier, NZ – I am finally blogging about my second Gatsbylady dress that I packed for the trip. I had so much fun walking around in these sparkly flapper dresses and love the way that the sun hits the sequins and beads. I actually had the perfect necklace to wear with this dress that I thrifted with the shoes and then it disappeared and I only found it when I got home, typical! If you missed the first Gatsbylady post you can find it here.
As I mentioned previously the weather was hot and it was beautiful, though by the time I filmed a quick little outfit video I was feeling tired and ready for lunch so I made it short and sweet.
I am wearing size UK8 again for this brand of dress and love the fit, I asked the lovely people at Gatsbylady for advice on sizing and was told this would fit me best so if you are unsure don’t be afraid to ask. The UK8 fits similar to most brands that I wear though it has a tiny bit of room for that 20’s look whilst still remaining well fitted. The dress also has a built in slip which is a convenient feature across their range of dresses and the fabric is very breathable for hot weather or dancing all night.
When I wore all of my 20’s outfits in Napier I had a lot of people taking photos or in this case filming me having a little dance, which was fine because I felt like I was on stage at Napier Municipal Theatre haha. I took it as a compliment though as these are some pretty spectacular dresses and Art Deco buildings and beautiful 20’s clothing is such a huge part of tourism for Napier. They even have an Art Deco weekend each year in February!
My Grandmother passed away suddenly late last month so this trip to New Zealand was really important and I am thankful for the time that I got to spend with her. During one my previous trips to NZ she gave me my 1920’s finger wave clips which were originally my Great Grandmother’s  and she loved watching me set my hair with them and absolutely loved the dresses. We have always talked about vintage fashion and sewing as she was a seamstress and I ended up packing more clothes than I should have just so I could show her. Spending lots of time together and seeing her have such a great time has made me look on the brighter side during a sad time.

I still have a couple of blog posts from Napier and more posts from my holiday, so I will try and share them all soon. Also, thank you to my mum/best friend who is amazing and took all of these photos during the trip, I get a bit hypo and inspired sometimes when we take photos and she is just too good (she takes most of my blog photos).

Kayla – Gracefully Vintage xo

Double Caped by Rebecca of The Clothes Horse

Outfit: Double Caped

I’m having a bit of a caped moment. A double caped moment to be exact. First this lovely dress arrived from Gastbylady with its lovely sheer capelet top and I wanted to wear it right away despite our brisk weather. Tights and a good coat would be the sensible direction to go, but I liked the idea of bare legs and not fighting the shape of the dress. Then I spied this star and planet-spangeled cape in the back of my closet and thought…why not…double cape? I think it ended up being a very fun combination, although also quite theatrical! Gatsbylady is a family run business specializing in 1920s inspired beaded dresses made in house in London (and they have a petite section!). They’re exactly the sort of dresses you need for your next costume party or just a beautifully detailed evening out dress. Even with all those beautiful and sparkly options (and I am a sucker for sparkles) I was drawn to this dress because it seemed like nothing else in my closet; it’s a unique shape and style and although vintage inspired can be styled outside of the original decade it’s from. It will probably be my favorite “dinner out” look for awhile because it’s wonderfully comfortable and manages to look quite nice without the need for heels! I quite like being able to dress up a bit, but stick to my comfortable flats!

One of my ultimate, although perhaps less practical, style influences is to look like a Pre-Raphaelite muse. Just Google “Pre-Raphaelite art” to get an idea of what I’m talking about if the reference isn’t familiar to you. The basics for me are long flowing hair and Grecian-draped garments and a sense of drama all blended with an appreciation for the natural world (think flower crowns, posies, water nymphs, wind, etc). Of course dyeing my hair blue seemed like a big departure from that vision because while I might ultimately want to look like a Pre-Raphaelite painting I also get bored/distracted sometimes and go for some contradictory styles! But this cape makes me feel like I still can work the look, albeit in an unnatural color/more modern take on the style. It’s also one of those important lessons that you learn by going through things. When I dyed my hair blue I was picturing myself wearing more bright colors and modern styles. But with the longer blue hair actually on my head I find myself playing around and trying different styles that I wouldn’t have mentally put together. I had to be able to see it to know that it would “work.” Which is a good reminder to not limit ourselves, but to continue to explore and try new things (fashion-wise or otherwise!).

Bauble bar earrings (similar), Romwe cape (sold out), Gatsbylady cape dress c/o, old flats (similar)
*pictures by Thomas*
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Kayla from GracefullyVintage Sydney Australia wears the Angel Sleeve Dress in White



Today on the blog I’m sharing one of my outfits from my holiday. I was very excited to wear this amazing Gatsbylady dress in Napier, New Zealand.

Angel Sleeve 1920’s Flapper Dress – c/o Gatsbylady
Ritz Headband – c/o Gatsbylady
Shoes – eBay
I was really excited to visit Napier when I was in New Zealand recently, it is full of beautiful Art Deco landmarks and not to mention the beautiful beach side views. Napier is also a large producer of various fruits, wine and other produce which makes it a very interesting place to visit. I don’t drink but I ate lots of fresh fruit and had plenty of water as it was hot summer weather.
My family have spent a lot of their time in Napier, my mum used to holiday there with family at her Aunt’s house when she was a kid and my dad grew up there for a while during his childhood too. So after being told about Napier for quite a while now it was really nice to spend a couple of days there with my mum, Aunt and Grandmother and to hear them reminiscence about summers spent by the beach.
I packed a few of my 20’s outfits and one of them included this absolutely stunning Gatsbylady dress, which I was immediately drawn to for it’s beautiful detail and elegant angel sleeves. It features a built in slip and an elasticated waist which makes it really easy to get on and off, this was very convenient to put over my hair after I finished styling it in the morning. I went with size UK8 and found the fit to be true to size, plus the elasticated waist makes this style fit with ease and convenient if you are worried about sizing. I love the beading and I like that it is a bit lighter than some of my other flapper dresses, this made it easy to pack because I was very close to my luggage limit, oops!
I have always loved flapper headbands and Gatsbylady creates really classic pieces to go with their dresses.. I turned the headband slightly to the side as I liked the way it sat and you could still see my finger waves.
It was very busy couple of days in Napier and I received some lovely comments whilst wearing this dress. I was so in awe of this beautiful town and really enjoyed my time, I have a few more posts from my trip to Napier to share which will gradually make their way to the blog.
Kayla – Gracefully Vintage xo
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Blog by our favourite Blogger Jenny Rieu!

Ad Campaign for GatsbyLady

I recently created, a 1920s Retro Look by including the Jewel tone Juliet vintage fringe dress by GatsbyLady paired with the Champs Elysées silk stockings and sheer gloves by Cervin Paris.

IMG_5325 web

As part of my very first Ad Campaign for GatsbyLady, we shot at a mysterious 1920s building which is also a former hotel located in the heart of Koreatown in Los Angeles, California.

IMG_5318web no logo

Koreatown has its share of 1920s and art deco buildings that have managed to keep the glamour and history of the bygone era. As it turns out the interior decoration of the hallways and lobby areas of our set for the campaign, perfectly matched the colors of the dress I was modelling.

I wanted to create an elegant and spooky ambiance almost Hitchcock like, by playing with shadows, smoky eyes and add a modern twist to it with glittered lips.

IMG_5297 web

As a Parisian born and raised, I styled my hair in a 1920s inspired “gamine” look a la CoCo Chanel. I aimed to match the style of the dress I wore and I adorned my head with the matching headpiece designed by GatsbyLady. IMG_5290 web

The Juliet dress is designed to fit many different body types. GatsbyLady knows how to create timeless dresses, shawls and headpieces in a full range of colors and styles. For this campaign we wanted to represent the modern day woman who is fashionable, elegant and mysterious.

I have been a retro model for the past decade and this is the very first time that I felt in sync with the 1920s look, because I knew the fit of the dress would be perfect. If you are looking for 1920s inspired dresses that can fit up to a size 30, GatsbyLady will have something for everyone.

To Get the look:

Juliet Fringe Dress and headpiece by @gatsbylady

Gloves and Stockings are by @cervinparis @cervinarsoie

Model and PR: @jennyrieu #jennyrieumanagement

Photographer: @jason_kamimura_photography

Warm Regards.


Downton Abbey: Lady Dudley’s Dress

In the post World War I years the fashions became so much looser. Waistlines were dropped or non-existent. Embroidery and chiffon were often used as an over-layer to the silk or satin sheath shell underneath. Sequins adorned everything, especially 1920s “club wear”.
Lady Rose MacClare shows the brilliance of the flapper dress of the 1920s. The dresses haven’t quite gotten “short” yet, but they are definitely quite opulent.

Beverley Blush Pink Flapper Dress

Annette Flapper Fringe Dress
Scarlet Flapper Fringe Dress

Glam Flapper Maxi Fringe Dress

Charleston Flapper Dress

11138150_809822892444403_6030570538982434815_n 10495986_810031865756839_7402473006490559028_o

Charleston Flapper Dress provided an absolutely mesmerising and perfect look for our gazebo. lakefront, urban Atlanta wedding. Getting married in a public park gave onlookers quite a show, and the dress received quite an abundance of compliments. I couldn’t have been happier!

Katie Nicole Burt Gaskins